• @Barack_Embalmer@lemmy.world
    174 months ago

    I have used Ubuntu as the daily driver for the last 10 years, because support and tools are widespread and easy, and I don’t need any extra pain in my life. Drivers are mostly present and working upon a clean install, and in the one case where the touchpad wasn’t recognized, it was super easy to find an ubuntu forum post containing a 1-line command to fix it. But everybody says i should hate it and use Mint instead.

    I’m open to give it a go, but in general, will most of the tutorials and fixes you find for Ubuntu also work with Mint?

    • illectrility
      424 months ago

      Mint is Ubuntu-based so yeah, most stuff will work.

      But also: The only reason I don’t recommend Ubuntu is because of Snaps and telemetry. If someone decides that they don’t mind, I don’t care. Everyone should just use the distro they like best

        • @ILikeBoobies@lemmy.ca
          214 months ago

          Snaps are a more powerful flatpack

          Like an .exe on Windows

          They are able to do system components

          People don’t like them because the server that serves snap is closed source. Since Snaps themselves are open source they could be changed to not use Canonical but then it would be a fork

          Telemetry is sending data to the company that makes the OS, normally in Linux this is opt-in but on Ubuntu it is opt-out

          • @fakeman_pretendname@feddit.uk
            184 months ago

            The other reason for not liking Snaps is badly implemented sandboxing. Unless they’ve fixed it more recently, the Snap version of a program cannot see your USB stick, your printer, your scanner, ½ of your fonts, your 2nd internal hard drive, your custom plugins etc and it can’t connect to other software also installed on the computer.

            There’s (to my knowledge) not currently an easy system to grant access to these things - whereas Flatpak, for instance, has Flatseal, which let’s you alter the permissions of all your Flatpak programs.

            Perhaps if they’d launched Snaps with an android-like “would you like to give this program access to…” sort of thing, there’d be less of a problem.

            There is of course a chance this has all been fixed since - but I’ve certainly not heard of it happening.