I’m kind of tired of Nextcloud because it’s using so many resources on my server and I’m only using it for calendar and address book for two users. So I’m looking for alternatives, what do you use (only self hosted) and how do you like it?

  • puddy
    24 months ago

    I had radicale running for some years, it was finicky to set up I remember doing a fix in the code. But when it worked it did so without issues. Not sure how active development was in the last years maybe it has improved.

    • JeenaOPA
      14 months ago

      I’m trying radicale now, it seems to work with the clients I’m using, even HomeAssistant. What I like about it is it’s simplicity, it just stores stuff in the file system. But yes setting it up is a bit finicky. I installed the debian package and that makes it a bit better.