I’m born in Poland during the communist regimes reign. Back then there was only one tea available: Black Tea.

We mostly drank it with a slice of lemon and some sugar. To this day this is my favourite way of drinking tea.

But I also enjoy what I started calling “Queen Elisabeth Tea” when my daughter asked what it is, same black tea but with milk and sugar. She likes it a lot too.

Last but not least, I really enjoyed Japanese tea, we went to a special tea house and they showed us how to brew it and drink it. It was some special green tea, very delicious!

  • @itsnicodegallo@lemm.ee
    74 months ago

    If you’re interested in trying out the full breadth of flavors you can get out of teas, I’d like to suggest buying an electric kettle where you can set the water temperature (they’re like $20-$25 online now) and a website I really like that sells tea and tea blends blends called august.la (I think the company’s full name is August Uncommon Teas).

    Regarding the kettle, it’s because black tea only requires boiling water (212°F, same temperature needed for making coffee), but green and white teas require 170°F and 190°F, respectively. Making green tea using boiling water causes a really bitter flavor, and not the kind it’s supposed to have. Green tea and tea in general will always have a bitterness, but it’s still a massive difference to the point that I’ve spaced out and put boiling water into a cup of green tea, realize it a few moments too late, and dump it out because it’s as good as ruined to me.

    The website has a few pure teas, and there are many kinds of black tea varieties, green tea varieties, and white tea varieties in the world in general, but I go there for the blends. Low Country is my favorite black tea blend, and Know by Heart is my favorite white tea blend. They got my partner into tea too! They’ve also got recipes for some of their tea blends to make cocktails and mocktails, lattes, etc.