I currently use keePass, and use it on both my PC and my phone. I like it because I can keep a copy of my DB on my phone and export it through a few different means. But I can’t seem to find an option to actually sync my local DB against a remote one. I’ve thought about switching to BitWarden but from what I can see it uses a single DB with multiple connections. Is there a password manager that allows ultiple databases (one PC one Phone) with easy syncing between them - specifically from my phone? Or a way to setup keePass to allow syncing with a machine on my home network?

  • BadEngineering
    43 months ago

    I also use keepassxc with syncthing. It works great and syncthing allows me to sync any other files I want. Mines set to automatically sync my photos and documents as well as keepass.

    • JeenaA
      13 months ago

      I have too many photos to sync, but I have two different Document my own and family documents, so that I can share the family documents with my spouse.