Anyway, you have to first search for the community in the format !whatever@where.ever. It doesn’t show up the first time but if you mash Enter for a while it will…

Also, this FAQ linked by @Wistful@discuss.technics.de is pretty helpful and covers some of the pitfalls of being the first (or only!) person in an instance to subscribe to a community: https://lemm.ee/post/37715

Edit 2: Found https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/3055 requesting better support for discovering federated communities. Please consider upvoting that issue if you have a github account and think it would be helpful!

I made myself a lemmy: https://tortoisewrath.com

You may notice I am not writing to you from said lemmy… because https://tortoisewrath.com/c/selfhosted@lemmy.world is a 404. In fact, though it appears to have federated itself with a bunch of other servers, it only appears to be able to see two communities. These were among the first few communities I tried to access (technology@beehaw.org didn’t work but those two did) - since adding those two, I haven’t been able to see any others, even on lemmy.ml where the first two were.

Is this normal? Do I just need to be more patient and it’ll figure it out on its own, or is there some switch I need to flip to make it do the thing?

(Apologies if this is obvious to those who understand the fediverse but I have no idea what I’m doing)

  • JeenaA
    51 year ago

    What I do is:

    • I take the name “!selfhosted@lemmy.world
    • copy and paste it into the search in my instance
    • press “search”
    • it shows “No results.”
    • I go to Communities on my instance
    • I click on “All”
    • At the bottom of the list I can see “!selfhosted@lemmy.world” and the Subscribe button

    I guess it is some kind of a bug. If I post a url of a post, it also takes qute some time, several seconds, until it shows up.

    • cereal7802
      1 year ago

      My process is similar, but i don’t use the !ommunity@instance format. I just copy the url and search for it.

      Search: “https://lemmy.world/c/selfhosted

      it will initially return Nothing found but after another second, it shows up and i can click it and then subscribe to get new posts and comments.

    • jsqribe
      21 year ago

      Yep this is my process too, after search it does show up even if there are no results, you can just change the search filter to “All” and search again then it shows up, or you can go to communities to find it.